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Friday, April 30, 2021 8:58 AM

Visiting a dental clinic every six months is as important as your annual physical, if not more. Maintaining a healthy smile is definitely aesthetically pleasing, but beyond simply clean teeth are underlying medical benefits at play contingent on adequate oral hygiene.

For many, brushing and flossing twice a day is a natural reflex that comes with such muscle memory that those individuals cognitively consider if they remembered to brush when going to bed, leaping out from under the covers if they cannot adequately recall.

But for others, remembering to brush their teeth even once a day is a rarity, let alone remembering to floss for the good of their gums. This is unfortunate, as although those individuals remember occasionally, consistent oral hygiene not only wards off disease and infection of the mouth, it will impact your overall health as well.

How Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health
Your mouth is a direct opening that leads to your internal organs. As unpleasant of a picture as this may paint, it is a true and literal reason as to why oral hygiene is directly tied to your physical well-being.

Most bacteria contained in your mouth are either harmless or there for a reason, much like good gut bacteria. However, because your mouth is a veritable on-ramp to the main road running into your system, it is natural that foreign and dangerous bacteria too can collect and enter your system unknowingly.

A visit to us here at Walden Square Dental Care for a semi-annual cleaning helps fight against these bacteria, but regular brushing and flossing takes care of that six-month time between visits and helps safeguard your health. Additionally, brushing and flossing enough is sometimes not enough; it is crucial to practice good technique when doing both. Let’s learn a few tips to help improve your at-home oral hygiene.

The Best Way To Brush
First and foremost, be sure you not only have the right tools of the trade but that you maintain them adequately. A soft-bristled brush is gentle on your gums, preventing receding gum lines that can increase sensitivity. When using that soft-bristled brush, keep it clean. After rinsing, do not cover it as this will incubate harmful bacteria brushed right back on your teeth the next time you use it.

Make sure you brush enough and take it slow. Spending at least two minutes per session gives you the chance to cover all areas of your mouth. Also, consider the order in which you brush and floss. Flossing first will rid your teeth of food remnants prior to brushing. Finally, an ADA-approved mouthwash does great work in defending against gingivitis by having antimicrobial features.

Of course, the best defense is a good offense, and our team of professional hygienists and dentists here at Walden Square Dental Care are ready to help you maintain that healthy smile. Follow our Facebook page for more oral hygiene tips and visit our website to schedule a cleaning or other dental procedure you may need.